Hindu Shrines

Mandir Budha Amar Nath, Mandi

Swami Budha Amarnath Ji mandir is situated in between the main belt of Pir Panchal Range at Rajpura Mandi which is 25 kms on the North East of Poonch city. This sacred place is located on the confluence of two gushing streams namely Nallah Gagri and Pulsta Nadi. This place is surrounded by snow bounded lofty peaks, thick belt of fur forests (in the Eastern side), lush green pastures and crystal clear streams. The climate of this attractive and charming spot is very pleasant and cool. The original mandir has been constructed out of with one big stone. There are four doors in the Mandir on the northern, southern, eastern and western sides which indicates that the doors of this shrine are open for all the four varnas. There is a natural Shivlinga of white stone (chakmak) inside the mandir. Number of ancient idols collected there from nearby villages are also installed in the premises of the mandir where were four holy springs near the mandir in the past.At present the water of three springs has been diverted to fourth one which is on the southern side of the mandir. The water of these springs is considered holy from religious point of view. The pilgrims first take bath in this spring and then enter in the mandir for prayers.The main religious function held on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan which is known as MELA SWAMI BUDHA AMARNATH JI FESTIVAL.Three days before the mela, a religious congregation is held at Dashnami Akhara Poonch for performing Havan and Pooja of Chhari Mubarak. In this congregation people from all walks of life come and pay tributes to the sacred mace after bhajan, kirtan and prevachans (speech) of the Mahant of the Akhara. The procession of Chhari Mubarak starts from Akhara.A guard is offered to Chhari Mubarak at the gate of the Akhara. The Mahant Ji is being carried in a palki by the devotees alongwith the sacred mace. Thousands of devotees and Sadhus accompany the procession which leads towards Swami Budha Amarnath Ji mandir at Mandi on foot. The first and main halt is at Chandak. While on way from Poonch to Mandi, a number of stalls are being erected for welcoming the Chhari Mubarak and yatries and free langer and other eatable items are provided to them. The stalls are being managed by muslims also and they welcome the yatries and Chhari Mubarak by providing them refreshment enroute Poonch to Mandi. The procession reaches at Rajpura on the same day in the afternoon where it is received by the district administration , local people, sadhus and workers of the trust after guard of honour by the BSF contingents at the gate of Swami Budha Amarnath Ji mandir and the chhari Mubarak is taken to the main shrine in between the traditional rituals followed by the Aarti of Lord Shiva.

Ramkund Mandir, Mendhar

Ramkund mandir is situated in Tehsil Mandhar and is about 4 kms. from Mendhar village. This Mandir has three springs namely Ram Kund, Sita Kund and Lakshman Kund. People take bath there on first bright half of Chaitra.

Shri Dashnami Akhara Mandir

This mandir is situated in southern part of the Poonch town. Swami Jawahar Giri Ji came to this place in the year 1760 A.D. and started his meditation. When the king of Poonch Rustam Khan came to know, he visited this place paid his obeisance to Swami Ji and attached land to this place. Swami Ji took his Smadhi in the year 1787 A.D , till that time he remained at this place delivering sermons & solace to the people. His Smadhi is still there in the left side of the Smadhi complex. After Swami Jawahar Giri Ji , Swami Shamaya Nand Ji, who was a Sanskrit scholar, sat on this spiritual seat. He started Sanskrit school in the complex. He took his Smadhi at Haridwar. After Swami Shamaya Nand Ji, Swami Shankarya Nand Giri Ji, followed by Swami Parma Nand Ji and Swami Satya Nand Saraswati lived on this place. Swami Satya Nand Saraswati Ji decorated this place and sent the message of religious importance of this place to every corner of the country. Presently, 1008 Mahamandleshwar Swami Vishavatma Nand Saraswati ji Maharaj is on the the seat of Shri Dashnami Akhara Mandir. Every year Chhari Mubarak, on Raksha Bandan, is taken from this place to Swami Budha Amarnath Ji Temple at Mandi (Poonch). A large number of people go along with Chhari Mubarak which is taken by Swami Ji of this temple.