Labour Department

Labour department is entrusted to implement nearly 22 labour laws meant for the welfare of the workers working in unorganised sector.The primary function of the department is to create a conducive environment and healthy relationship between employees and employers of an organisation working in unorganised sector which is prerequisite for the development and prosperity of an economic system of a country. The development of any country put on halt where there are regular conflicts arises between the working class and their employers. Among the workings class, the most vulnerable class which is very much prone to injury or illness is the building and other construction workers . Labour Department provides various kinds of economic assistance to building and other construction workers who are registered with the department. Various types of incentives like, COVID 19 assistance, death assistance, assistance in case of disability or other injury and illness, education assistance for their children etc. At present lockdown situation the department compensated BOCW workers and transferred 4000 per construction worker through DBT mode to 5800 active BOC workers in (19-20) & Two installments @100 per workers in (20-21) to 12379 active registrations workers.

Under education assistance 22516500 to 4953 wards/children of construction workers. Rupees 5514768 was also disbursed to active workers and their families on account of injury, illness, chronic disease and in death assistance. A sizable number of workers were registered during COVID 19 period .

The department is putting an earnest efforts to cover more and more genuine workers on mission mode program (MMP) recently launched by UT’s government so that larger benefits are driven to building and other construction workers of this district.

Number of labour disputes are also being disposed off under different labour laws i.e payment of wages Act, workman compensation Act and others labour laws monthly basis to benefit the working class.

Labour department also facilitated the movement of inter state migrant workers to their native places during lockdown situation of 2020.

Department also actively participated in awareness cum registration of (PM-SYM) a pension scheme meant for unorganised workers who are not covered in any pension scheme and in this regard our district recorded highest place at state level and got due recognition from higher ups.

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Mr. Aabid Hussain Shah
Assistant Labour Commissioner Poonch
Contact No : +91-1965-220123