Muslim Shrines

Ziarat Sain Miran Sahib

This Ziarat is located in village Guntrian near the line of actual control with Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The place is frequently visited by devotees of different religious faiths who have firm belief that whatever is wished before the holy seat does never go unfulfilled. A road to link to this Ziarat has been constructed facilitating the pilgrims to visit this place. Before its construction arduous climbing was required to reach the Ziarat.

Ziarat Chhote Shah Sahib

Three day annual Urs is celebrated at Sakhi Maidan about 5 kms from Mendhar in the memory of Muslims Saint Sakhi Peer Chhota Shah whose Ziarat is located there and is held in high esteem by Hindus & Muslims alike in the area. Barely few hundred yards from Ziarat lies the ruins of ancient architecture popularly believed to be of the Pandvas.

Ziarat Sain Illahi Bakash Sahib

The famous Ziarat of Sain Illahi Bakhsh Sahib is located in village Battalkote in Mandi block of Poonch district. This place is 37 kms on the north of Poonch town and about 4 kms. from Loran. Battalkote is the last inhabited but most beautiful and attractive village and is located in between the southern hills of Peer Panchal range and confluence of streams Nain Sukh and Nandishool. The shrine is located in the heart of village on the sloppy land and grassy ridge. This sacred place is surrounded by snow capped peaks, thick belt of forests, beautiful maize fields and crystal clear streams. The scenic beauty and geography of this place resembles with Gulmarg of Kashmir. A great Soofi Saint, Sain Illahi Bakhsh Sahib, had selected this place keeping in view its natural beauty. The God-fearing Sain Illahi Bakhsh Sahib came to Battalkote around 1948 AD and passed rest of his life in this very place till his death. He was a soofi saint, preacher of brotherhood and worked for humanity. He spread the message of love, affection and brotherhood of Soofi-Ism among the public and inspired not only muslims but Hindus and Sikhs also. He was true soofi, remained unmarried and passed his life as a Darvesh. Sain Illahi Bakhsh Sahib died on 16th of May,1976. Four days before his death, he told his devotees that his last time has come. He identified the place for his grave and asked the devotees to keep his body open for three days for public before burial. At present, the Urs of Sain Sahib is organised every year in the month of May. Thousands of people visit the shrine from Mandi, Poonch and outside state also irrespective of caste, creed and participate in the function. With active participation of non-muslims in the Urs, the programme has become the symbol of composite cultural heritage. Thousands of Hindus and Sikhs apart from Muslims participate in the function and this colourful programme becomes the identity of brotherhood, religious tolerance and love and affection for other communities.

Ziarat Pir Fazal Shah Sahib

During December on 2nd day of Pooh a one day annual Urs is celebrated at the premises of the shrine of the Muslim Saint Pir Fazal Shah at Gundi village in Surankote. Thousands of people from far and near villages gather at this place on Urs with traditional beating of drums and celebrate it.