Horticulture has gained its significance in Poonch District due to availability of enormous potential and varied agro climatic and topographic status for production of diversified fruits. For development of health society in rural as well as urban areas of the district cent percent of the population finds their dependence on Horticulture Produce or its value added products. As such, Horticulture Development is a main stay for overall growth and development of rural and urban population of the state.

Horticulture is considered a potential labour intensive sector which provides raw material for various processing industries. Fruits have now become an important raw material for various processing industries. Fruits have now become an important ingredient of the daily diet both in rural as well as in urban homes. Horticulture crops add more income per unit area at lower costs with lesser requirements of water than field crops. Thus shift in emphasis towards diversification of agriculture, the farmers are taking up cultivation of fruit crops. Reasonably good income from orchard has sustained the interest of growers and more of the farmers diverting to Horticulture crops.

The climate of the District varies from subtropical to temperate. Therefore, the district has the potential to produced a range of fruit varying from subtropical fruits like Citrus, Guava, Pomegranate etc. to temperate fruit like Apple ,Pear ,Plum ,Apricot ,Walnut due to warm temperate climate and extreme of both temperate and subtropical climates in district Poonch there is huge potential for Pecannut cultivated as well.


Agro-Climatic Zone

Subtropical ( upto 800m)

lain area with water logging

Intermediate Lower (800 to 1500 m)

Sloppy land with problem of soil erosion

Intermediate high (Above 1500 m)

High Hills with gully erosion

On Going Schemes.

Central Sponsored Scheme

  1. Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH).
  2. Submission for Agriculture Mechanization (SMAM).
  3. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY).
  4. Pardhan Mantri Development Package (PMDP).
  5. Pardhan Mantri Krishi Snchayee Yojana (PMKSY).
  6. Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA).

State Sponsored Schemes

  1. Capex Budget.
  2. Special package for Pecan Nut Village at Ajote and Mankote.
  3. Each Centrally sponsored schemes having the state share to the extent of 10%.

Major Components

  1. Area Expansion.
  2. HRD Training/Tours.
  3. Awareness Camps.
  4. Protected Cultivated.
  5. Creation of Irrigation Source.
  6. Organic Farming (Vermicompost Unit).
  7. On Farm Handling (Pack House).

For further details please contact Chief Horticulture Officer, Poonch at +91-1965-220165