LOC Trade Centre [Chakkan da Bagh Poonch]

It is located on 46 kms long cross LOC Poonch-Rawlakote road at a distance of about 8kms in south of Poonch Town. The loaded trucks from POK arrive on Monday to Friday every week and unloaded for onward transportation. Similarly, the loaded trucks of Jammu and Poonch are also reporting at the Trade Centre and then cross the LOC for unloading on the other side of the LOC. Apart from this passengers of divided families who cross the LOC from the either side are also halted at this place for security checkup.

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    Chakkan Da Bagh

How to Reach :

By Air

Upto Jammu or Srinagar

By Train

Upto Jammu,

By Road

a. Jammu to Poonch via road b. Srinagar to Poonch via Mughal Road