Mughal Road & Pir ki Gali

The Mughal road originated at the Mughal captital, Agra (in UP). It wound its way through Lahore (now in Pakistan) to Poonch, Rajouri and thence, to Srinagar in the valley. The Poonch segment of a road used to be called the Namak road (Presumably, the ‘salt road’) till Jehangir (early 17th century) travelled on it and renamed it the Mughal road. Mughal Road is an alternate route to Kashmir valley & it has reduced the distance for the people of both distt. i.e rajouri and poonch Mughal road is 84km from Bafiaz to Shopian.It passes through scenic places like Buffliaz, Behramgala, Chandimarh, Dugran, Pushana, chatta pani, Mansar, Peer Ki Gali are also linked with it. Sarimastan and Girjan the famous meadows on this region can be witnessed from this road.

Pir ki Gali

Pir ki Gali is an attractive natural place located at 1140fts. Above the sea level exactly on the boundary of Poonch and Shopian. Pir marg (meadow) surrounded with snow clad peaks, cool breeze and tribal life satyle starts from pir gali which is known as the crown of 240km log Pir panchal range the 84km long Mughal road passes through the heart of Pir Panchal via Pir gali which is 43km away from Buffliaz Poonch and 41km from Shopian with the opening of Mughal road great hustle bustle starts at Pir gali and simultaneously the surrounding natural resort and beautiful valley of seven lakes, Panj tarnimeadow, Girjan Doke, Tata kutti, peak, Chatta pani, Glacier come into lime light which are ideal for scenic and adventure Tourism.

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    Mughal Road

How to Reach :

By Air

Upto Jammu or Srinagar

By Train

Upto Jammu

By Road

Jammu to Poonch via road, From Srinagar to Poonch via Mughal Road